Am i allowed to use googles to see the camera steam instead of the monitor?
My other concern is that the googles i have are original used for fpv drone racing and they have a video receiver built in would that be a problem? ( Of course i will not be using the receiver nor turn it on i will be inputing in va video from my pc )

No. Among other things, they break E02A (from the Event Rules Manual).

They are also generally unsafe for use in competition because you can’t see your surroundings.

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No, you can only use bing.



The person who posted about Bing was making a play on words.

The word you are looking for is “Goggles”. “Googles” (as your post is titled) could be reasonably considered to be a reference to the Google search engine. Bing is another such search engine, designed by Microsoft. Don’t worry about it :slight_smile:

@AriMB has the right idea as far as what rules you will likely run into issues with. They could definitely be a safety issue at the event because of lack of visibility, and they’re potentially not rated for safety either. Another issue you could run into is how those are connected to the Driver’s Station computer, although if that’s over USB there wouldn’t be an issue on that front.

For a definitive answer, you are likely best of asking in the official Question and Answer forum so the GDC can respond. However I suspect the answer is going to be no.


There are a couple Q&A already on this as a reference:

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While “Goggles” such as a VR headset are probably not allowed per the rules others have pointed out, you can use something like a VuFine as a Heads Up Display, since it doesn’t prevent refs from seeing your eyes.

We got one last year and it was problematic because of the 2018 rules (since you could not connect it prior to the end of auto), but this year the Sandstorm rules make it a LOT easier to use since it can be connected before the match even starts.

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