Goonettes Invitational 2022 Off-season Event

Hello Chief Delphi!

FRC team 3604 - the Goon Squad - is excited to announce the 2022 Goonettes Invitational girls off-season event!

The event will feature both Rapid React gameplay and our unique Hands on Hallway, with hands-on demonstrations and networking opportunities with engineering programs, businesses, and universities.

Date: Sunday, October 2, 2022
Location: Woodhaven High School (24787 Van Horn Rd, Brownstown Charter Twp, MI 48134)

Visit to learn more, apply to compete, and sign up to volunteer!

We look forward to seeing you there!
Email [email protected] with questions!


Very likely 5090 will be there especially since at big bang we got most of the female students time driving and operating the robot and they’ve found out they like it where as before most didn’t want anything to do with driving the robot.

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That’s one of the reasons we love hosting this event so much! It’s great to try new things and find new interests :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone!

We are just over one month away from the 2022 Goonettes Invitational!

We will be sending out a number of invites soon (and announcing many of the teams competing), so if you would like to sign-up to compete or to volunteer you should do so soon (we still have openings in both areas) at

It is shaping up to be another very exciting event - hope to see you there!

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As promised - here are the teams that have been invited to compete thus far! There are only FIVE spots left - so apply ASAP if interested in joining this very exciting teams list!

Updated teams lists and links to apply or volunteer can be found at

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We(5090) had our first meeting of the school year yesterday and decided to go. Our head coach should be letting you know soon

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The Riveters are so in. See you soon!

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This event will be streamed at and on TBA

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@Tyler_Olds what time is the stream supposed to start?

Thank you everyone (especially our amazing volunteers, who went way above and beyond to ensure the event’s success) for coming together to create another very exciting Goonettes Invitational!

The competition was fierce, and the experiences were invaluable. With our Hands-on Hallway delivering great networking opportunities with Ford Motor Company, Kettering University, Drone Camp Rebels and exciting STEM demonstrations including Digit the bipedal robot, Kettering’s FTC robot in 30 hours, a VR FPV Drone Simulator, and several very cool drones (one of which was raffled off)!

Event photos can be found and downloaded HERE (courtesy of Hannah Korte Photography. Hint: she also does great senior photos) once you enter your email address!

If you are a team or potential volunteer that is not receiving emails from the Goonettes Invitational but would like to be - please fill out this interest form to get on our mailing lists or follow our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

See you next year!

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It was a great event. One cool idea for off season events that I heard of this past weekend was, at the Capital City Classic they had workshops, like design development, CAD, machining and others, they put on during the first day. I know it would be quite the undertaking to do something like this and would require multiple teams to do. I know this was a single day event and wouldn’t be able to be fit in with a single day event though

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