Goonettes Invitational 2023

We are excited to announce that applications and volunteer sign-ups for the 2023 Goonettes Invitational girls’ event are now open!!

We would love to have you join us for Charged Up competition and our unique Hands on Hallway, with hands-on demos & networking opportunities with STEM businesses, programs, and universities.

Drive teams must consist of all girls (excluding drive coach) and, while all genders are welcome to support, girls are encouraged to take the lead in the pits as well!

Teams may share team members if there are not enough girls on your team to field a drive team.

Date: Sunday, September 10, 2023
Location: Woodhaven High School (24787 Van Horn Rd, Brownstown Charter Twp, MI 48134)
Cost to Compete: $250 (may decrease to $200 - TBC)

Visit to apply to compete (direct link to apply HERE), sign up to volunteer (direct link to volunteer HERE), and learn more about this exciting event!

Email [email protected] with any questions/comments!


If teams combine/share members should they register under one Team number or apply seperately and leave a note on the multiple applications that they go together?

If teams combine/share members should they register under one Team number or apply seperately and leave a note on the multiple applications that they go together?

Hello - great question!

  • If teams will be bringing one robot (while combining/sharing team members), please apply under one team number (whichever matches the robot you will bring).

  • If teams will be bringing two robots (while combining/sharing team members), please apply under two team numbers (one for each robot).

Let us know if this does not answer your question.

In general, if teams need any help coordinating the sharing of team member (e.g. if you do not have enough girls on your team to field a drive team), let us know - we are happy to help!

Is load in going to be Saturday or Sunday morning?


Below is our tentative schedule. You can load in on either day!

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This is going to be a fairly stacked event with the currently listed teams attending.
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team 3604 the Goon Squad presents the Goonettes invitational
The Squad
Heres’s a list of the teams joining The Squad for Goonettes Invitational 2023!

27 Team RUSH

33 Killer Bees

226 Hammerheads

280 TNT

894 The Power Chargers

1023 Bedford Express

2399 The Fighting Unicorns

2832 The Livonia Warriors

2834 Bionic Blackhawks

2959 CW Tech Robotarians

3096 The Village Bulldogs

3175 Knight Vision

3536 Electro Eagles

3655 Tractor Technicians

4398 Gladiators

5460 Strike Zone

6637 BetaWolves

7211 Hollywood

9226 GR Pioneers

3538 RoboJackets

3668 Trobots

4737 Atomigators

6078 RoboRams

6914 Retro5ive

8280 K9.0 Robotics

3604 Goonettes

4028 The Beak Squad

5090 TorqueNados

6081 Digital Dislocators

7174 Charger Robotics

9312 NERD Spark

9182 Tech Tr1be


Hi everyone!

We are incredibly excited to be hosting the third Goonettes Invitational in less than one week!

We wanted to provide an update and invitation to EVERYONE (team members, mentors, family members, siblings, guests, organizations, etc.), whether you are competing at our event this year or not, to visit our Hands-on Hallway!

The organizations listed below will be there to share some very cool hands-on STEM demos (list of planned demos below):

  • Ford Motor Company:
    Multiple mid-sized robots
  • General Motors:
    Spot the Boston Dynamics dog robot
  • Stellantis:
    VR Simulation experience that allows you to interact with their vehicles and technology
  • Kettering University:
    Henry the bipedal robot
  • Drone Camp Rebels:
    Multiple drones and VR FPV Drone experience
  • Women in Aeronautics and Astronautics - University of Michigan:
    11ft rocket and VR experience
  • Michigan Neuroprosthetics - University of Michigan:
    Prosthetics (incl. a look into how they work, the SW, etc)
  • Michigan Advanced In-Space propulsion Engineers (MAISE) - University of Michigan:
    Pulsed plasma thruster (in-space propulsion technology)
  • AND MORE…!

Additional information below:

Event Schedule and Map below:


Do y’all need extra setup hands? TorqueNados can probably send over a couple students early on Saturday. At a minimum a portion of the team will be there Saturday at 3.

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More hands would definitely be helpful! Field will arrive at 3p and load in for teams begins at 3p, but we will already begin setting up at noon.

Thank you!

I’ll see what we can do. We are having morning practice to test out new wheels and to get acquainted with new students. So we might send over a few people after lunch.

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This event will be streamed at


Goonettes Invitational is live! Come watch at Twitch or at TBA GameDay!

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