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So I don’t know the legality of a GoPro Hero 7 Black on the robot (wired of course). But assuming it’s legal, how does your team go about setting it up, because my team tried just swapping out our old webcams, assuming it wouldn’t make a difference what type of camera was plugged in, and apparently it matters. So that’s where we are stuck and I was wondering if anyone else had any similar situations or if it is even possible with this model of GoPro.

I have never heard of someone using a GoPro for driver vision and I don’t know if it is even possible. I think the only way is through a USB Camera like the lifecam. Teams use GoPro’s to capture videos in matches but I do not think it is streamable to the DS

Is there a reason you want to use a GoPro over the cameras you seem to already have installed? There are a number of tried and true cameras commonly used in FRC that don’t introduce extra problems like the GoPro seems to be doing for you.

If you’re using a USB camera connected to the roboRIO, you’ll need drivers on the roboRIO to interpret the camera input and stream it to the driver station. If the camera you’re using doesn’t have the proper Linux drivers for the roboRIO, you’ll run into some problems.

The main plus we’d see in switching cameras is the lifecam we use is less than desirable in the quality and frame rate department

Keep in mind the bandwidth limit. You only have 4 Mbps this year.

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I agree with @Dcai169. I have a Lifecam on my computer at home and it works just fine, with good quality and frame rate. The reason your quality and frame rate isn’t good with the Lifecam on the robot is because the image needs to be small and compressed in order to fit in the 4 Mbps bandwith limit. I doubt using a different camera would help in this case.

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