GoPro Legality?

as long as the controlling devise is not in the hands of the drive team i let it go.

I presumed having a remote control to start and stop recording was better than an extra team member manually pushing the buttons on the camera while the robot was in que.

I got in trouble for that alot with my original gopro in 2011 sort of abusing my voulinteer position. but there isin’t enough room on those cards to record all the idle time waiting for the match.

I bought a 64GB card for mine. Haven’t filled the card. Batteries die quick though.

We got 2 spare batteries plus wall and car charger for our Hero 3 from Amazon for $24.

GoPro cameras can still function perfectly if plugged into a wall socket or car charger. Maybe this helps?

I’ve got a pair of spare batteries too. They just die quickly. But I’m used to my DSLR which basically needs a recharge once a month after heavy use.

So, by this rule, it could theoretically be legal to have a camera above the field to track the positions of the other robots and have a completely autonomous robot that plays the entire game on its own?

How did you get from Frank’s post to your conclusion? The quoted rule for wireless devices are directed at devices to communicate with or from the robot.

In our experience turning on wifi kills the battery. We were able to record a lot longer with it turned off.