Got Steam?

Hey everyone! I’ve just created a Steam group for everyone involved in FIRST robotics. If you don’t know what Steam is, visit their website. The link to the group is:
It’s a public group so anyone can join!

Help me out in joining!

Contact me here or my mail, MSN, whtaver.

Nice idea man, we got lots of members in our team who have Steam.

Cool! Although it won’t let me join. When I click “Join Group” it just refreshes the page. Also, I have a server if anyone wants to play Half Life. It’s “The Gangsta’s Hideout”

Great Idea! I’m In!

ahhh i have steam :wink:
just formatted my computer though, and haven’t gotten the chance to reinstall it.

I’m already a member of Steam.
I play Half Life and Counter Strike. Look for Demolition Man :ahh:

I don’t have Steam yet but I am buying the Orange Box in a couple weeks. Team Fortress 2 looks AWESOME.

I just joined it, my user name is EasternBMX_237

man if anyone got cs:s and plays and is good like in cal im cal-im pmm me =)

Whats ur user name?