Gotcha on radio at competition - worked on the field but not the pits

Posting this here in the hope it might help someone else. That is, we had an odd one at the competition today where everything worked great on the field, but network tables and deploying software didn’t work while tethered in the pit (deploying via USB worked).

Our production configuration is radio --> rio and radio --> limelight; in the pits, we would go radio --> rio and radio --> ethernet switch, ds --> ethernet switch, limelight --> ethernet switch.

In the pits, we could not deploy code via ethernet, nor would any network table based activity work (including a USB camera).

If we left the radio out of the equation and just used our network switch, everything was fine and worked as expected.

I don’t recall that from past years, although we may not have had the same specific configuration in the recent past.

Puzzled me all day; forgive me if it’s obvious to everyone else, but if it saves anyone else some head scratching, I figured I’d share.



Your described configuration should work. Was everything DHCP or did you also try all-static (including the Rio)? It sounds like maybe the switch wasn’t talking successfully to the radio.

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There are at least 2 teams at Waterbury who are experiencing similar symptoms. Unfortunately we have not had any field connection time yet so we dont know if it will work on the field, but the smart dashboard and USB camera are currently not workong in the pits through tether. On the plus side, (unlike you) we are able to deploy code over ethernet in the pits. Fingers crossed that it works on the field at least.
I forgot to mention that we are using static ips, not DHCP, tether: driver station-radio-roboRIO (no field testing yet), and we are a C++ team.

As we rolled in, the limelight was static and the rio and ds where dhcp.

What struck me as odd was that we were fully able to operate the robot; the ds had no trouble. So the switch and radio worked together at least to that extent. However, we could not deploy code, which puzzled the heck out of us.

We did switch to static, as that made the limelight accessible. And getting to the limelight via a browser through the switch and radio also worked.

We had one other cause that we suspected - the programmer had done a full update, and then paused updates. Something in that process had turned the firewall back on, so we spent a lot of time suspecting that we had a firewall issue, but so far as I could tell we got that fully turned off.

The switch is a fairly generic device, bought for it’s size; this one:

Update this morning: we changed out our radio forbthe older (but still legal) model from circa 2015 (I think) and it works. Changed back to current model amd does not work… Back to older model works. Issue appears to be radio problem.

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