Gotta Love Typos

Go to then watch or skip the intro. From there, mouse over FRC and see what happens.
If you don’t see it right away, mouse on and off a few times…

That’s kind of funny… I hadn’t noticed that and I’ve been on the FIRST site many times over the past few days.

You would think they might check themselves… but everyone makes mistakes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I havent noticed that either. Nice find lol

Looks like they couldn’t afford to buy the extra vowel. :rolleyes:

It actually wasn’t me, twas an alum and former (team) president

it took me a few times to realize the difference but it was kinda funny…someone should e-mail them about it. i don’t know who though, does anyone else know?

Considering the site will be “un-nationalized” soon, I guess it doesn’t matter. No one really noticed it and it’s not that huge a mistake, it’s just semi-amusing.

its should go “boing! boing! boing!” when it does that

actually, i don’t know about that… last year’s flash championship thing wasnt changed for months, if it was changed at all-- i don’t quite remember

<edit> changed at all before this one is what i mean

Nope, they just bought the wrong vowel… it actually says “Robitics” when you mouse over it. :ahh:

Well, it looks like the webmaster wasn’t the only one to forget a letter or two - I found this guy lurking on a train case behind the “Eistein” field :slight_smile:



It’s an easy mistake to make, but maybe I’m just saying that because once I printed out a nice 8x10 photo to frame for a sponsor and realized I had put “Herndon High School Robitics Team 116” on the photo… thankfully I caught it before I framed it… however, ever since then I’ve kind of always thought of our team as a robitics team…

Hey, maybe it’s a hint for next year’s game… robotic frogs… or would that be ribitics?