Government shut down... and NASA

Hey all,

I was just wondering… if our government does shut down, does that mean no NASA broadcast for the championships? ::rtm::

If the government is shut down during St. Louis, I would expect we will not have the NASA webcast, NASA Machine Shops or Mark Leon the NASA Emcee.

I guess you’re right. According to this letter, FIRST events would be considered as non-essential operation. Therefore, NO fun for us :mad:

So, if for some reason a government shutdown was to happen, say around December at the end of this year, does that mean teams sponsored by NASA would be screwed? :eek: :eek: :eek:

…it’s not part of the government???

• New contracts, grants, cooperative agreements, task orders, change orders,
and other actions would not be issued during a funding hiatus, except those
critical to meeting the requirements for excepted activities under this
policy - and then only to the extent and amount necessary to meet those

So answer to your question would be no. (from my understanding)

How doe you figure no from that?

except those critical to meeting the requirements for excepted activities under this policy - and then only to the extent and amount necessary to meet those

is FIRST an “excepted activity”? :confused:

For later half of this year (past October), it would be considered a new financial year, 2011-2012.

For now though, the letter explicitly states that their policy covers only the ‘critical’ ongoing missions such as support missions for ISS, satellites, and the expected launch of space shuttle.

No, it is not. We have been told we will not have access to our center in the event of a furlough and are removing everything from our lab tonight in the anticipation of not being able to get back in before St Louis. Hopefully that does not become a reality.

I hope that doesn’t happen for you! This shouldn’t affect your team’s performance, right :smiley: ?

Pink team is clearing out too

I’d agree with the first two, but I’m pretty certain Mark could still Emcee. If there’s a furlough, he won’t be working for NASA unless he has a critical role to fill. And if he’s not working for NASA, he’s a civilian like the rest of us and can do whatever he likes. It’s not like they’re going to lock him in his house for the duration of the furlough. The only obstacle would be that NASA wouldn’t pay his travel expenses, assuming they do so in the first place.

According to Mark at the Utah regional, he would not be able to EmCee if NASA is shut down over the weekend.

Aw… that sucks… Mark is a GREAT EmCee.

Well I stand corrected and curious as to why that’d be. But I trust the man knows his own business better than I would.

If he’s representing NASA when he MCs, then he can’t do it, because he’s not allowed to work while furloughed.

Indeed, from what I’m reading it would apply to anyone whose FIRST involvement is part of their official NASA (or other agency) duties is forced to sit on their hands for the duration of the shutdown. (I read a report that some employees are being ordered to shut off their BlackBerries in the event of a shutdown, lest they get an official reprimand up to termination for working while furloughed. Hard to interview for a new job with blue hair.)

Fingers crossed that a resolution is reached in Washington, not just for the robots either.

So he can just MC without representing NASA, he’s just a random guy they found on the street, with great MC talents! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know if you’ve seen Mark MC, but representing NASA is a big part of what he does. I can easily understand why he could not do it if furloughed.

My wife is also subject to furlough if the budget is not passed…I’ve been paying a bit of attention to the subject.

Mark is on government travel when MC’ing.