Governor's Cup Presented by Battle of the Bay

Two NH off-season competition are teaming up to bring us combined off-season event at Prospect Mountain High School. While governor’s cup is usually restricted to New Hampshire teams only, since the two are teaming up it is open to all of New England. (I’m not running the event, but I figured people on chief may want the info)

Governor’s Cup website.

Battle of the Bay Website

There are no spectators and masks are required at all times during the event. It will be a normal alliance selection and there are no special rules.

The best performing New Hampshire teams will have their seniors awarded with a full semester scholarship to New Hampshire colleges. There will also be individual dean’s list style scholarships awarded to NH seniors.

There will be two streams, a more traditional camera view and an overhead static view to help with remote scouting and to test different ideas for 2022. I believe they’re being streamed to NEFIRST_BLUE and NEFIRST_RED, but I could be mistaken. If anyone wants to correct me please do. Can’t wait to see everyone there!


We are on a lunch break right now, but the elimination rouds are going to begin around 2. Those Twitch Channels are correct.



Big thanks to BOB 319 & FIRST NH for a stellar event. :star_struck:


We had GP Even When Competing for Scholarships Award- 2370

Live Free or Die Safety Award – 4909

Mill Yard Creativity Award – 6763

First in the Nation Spirit Award – 2713

Winnipesaukee Judges Award – 811

Industrial Design Award- 1073

Battle of the Bay Just Because Award- 2370

Big Bad Battle of the Bay Award- 7314

Finalists- 3467, 2370, 4909
Winners- 133, 5813, 6690

Scholarships winners- 5813, 6690, 3467

Great event as usual put on by BOB! 6324 was very happy to get back onto the field for the first time in 610 days. Which is hilarious because we based our drivetrain off of 610s awesome drivetrain design manual after their win in 2013. Considering we played a lot of defense today that choice has paid out some dividends at this point.

Thanks so much for being great hosts 319! You guys rock.

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Yes thank you BOB for such a great event (as usual)! It was so nice to be out there finally competing with great teams we haven’t seen in a while. Thank you to our alliance partners 5813 and 6690 for a hard-fought win. Lots of great competition, especially as the day progressed and everyone worked out the cobwebs.
Thanks again BOB 319, as mentioned before, you guys ROCK!


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