At WMRI, alliance 6 beat alliance 1 in the first final match. Alliance 1 calls a timeout because 107 “lost a motor” (the only explanation I heard). 6 minutes later they still can’t run. Alliance 6 asks if they can use their timeout, but cascading timouts are not allowed. F2 is played with an unattached trailer. Alliance 6 totally ignored the lone trailer, and only scored in the trailers attached to the other two robots. Alliance 1 wins; alliance 6 then calls their timeout. 107 comes back on the field.

Finals match 3 is played, and it appears alliance 6 has won. But there was a failure on one of the scoring modules, and somehow that trailer got emptied before a hand count was done. No one can be sure how many cells were in the trailer. So it is decided that final match 3 will be replayed. Then one of the mentors from alliance 1 asks for a conference, and the alliance agrees that it appears they should have lost. They concede the match, and ask that they do the replay only for fun.

Congrats to 1243/2075/904 on the win, and to both them and 107/1918/518 on the marvelous display of gracious professionalism shown and returned. All are true winners.

And because someone will ask:

1 - 107/1918/518
2 - 494/703/74
3 - 2188/85/1254
4 - 141/74/2405
5 - 2771/2617(using team 70's robot)/2851
6 - 1243/2075/904
(only 18 teams at the event)

QF:  4 beats 5, 6 beats 3 (3 games each)
SF:  1 beats 4 (2 games), 6 beats 2 (2-0, first game a tie)
F:   6 beats 1 (3 games)

Everyone at WMRI, but I would have to say that the people who displayed the most amount of Gracious Professionalism would have to be team 70. Letting team 2617 use their robot!

Yeah, for me, WMRI was amazing in almost every way.

WMRI/WMRC (as it’s been throughout the years) has always been a good event in my opinion…not too much “flash” (at least during my time), but a good set of teams and an overall fun event. Glad to hear that things haven’t changed.