GP award nominations

Can we please go back to nominating other teams for GP? There are definitely teams that have been very GP and just don’t make a show of it so judges don’t see it as well as the team that has a list displaying what they’ve loaned out and stuff. IMO, its turned into a GP show vs actual GP. (Most teams that have won it have been very deserving of it tho.)


I totally agree and i will jump on this bandwagon immediately. I cannot tell you the amount of times this season some teams (not exactly experts in GP) got the award because they were extra nice to and around judges… obviously teams are going to be GP to judges. Maybe easier from a logistical standpoint, but not quite worth it in my opinion.


I agree that the form should come back. But don’t let the absence of a form prevent you from giving feedback to the judges, tell them anyway if you see a team exhibiting GP in a way that should be recognized.

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It seems like you’re saying exactly opposite things here.

Keep in mind, the GP award isn’t just about what happens at competition. The award criteria are:

  • The team exemplifies the FIRST Core Values in relationships with other teams and by their demonstrated Gracious Professionalism
  • The team consistently demonstrates Gracious Professionalism and a positive attitude both on and off the field.
  • If the team worked with another FIRST Robotics Competition team pre-season – they can describe the following:
    • How the collaboration was conducted during the off-season and during the build season
    • How the teams divided up tasks fairly and equitably
    • How the process of communication flowed from one team to the other
    • How working together as a group was beneficial over working independently
    • The financial impacts of working together vs working independently

To me, having the form at competition de-emphasizes the non-competition part of GP, and doesn’t give the judges the right information. Work on your judges pitch, and make sure you’re emphasizing the right things if this is an award you want to win. Judges will follow up on things - if you tell them you helped team XXXX, they’re going to go over to team XXXX and ask them “Have any teams been especially helpful this event/season?”

Frankly, if I was judging the award, a list of loaned parts isn’t going to move the needle at all. That’s routine and pretty much expected to happen at events. Giving another team your time, knowledge, and experience, on the other hand, takes it to another level.

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