GP Award

I was wondering how many GP awards teams have won. Trying to find the team with the most if anyone knows. Thanks!

I know 93 has won a bunch in the upper Midwest. Any event they are at has a spare parts desk 3x the size of a normal one, with all kinds of useful stuff.

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I don’t know what the ‘most’ is but I think my team has won it at least 3 times in a row mostly because there seem to be new teams that show up with an incomplete robot or with just a tote full of parts that could be turned into a robot. We dispatch groups of kids to their pits and they do what we’ve termed a “Robot in one day” build. Last year we did two at the same event. We don’t do it for the award though.

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Team 48 has one the GP award once. But feel free to stop by in you need any help.

Two for 1551.

Wow it looks like they’ve won 13 of them. That’s impressive

All well deserved, too. They don’t do it for the award, it’s just who they are, and they’re one of the first teams I turn to when I need something at the events up in Duluth!

We have 2, one district event and one district championship event.

I believe that 888 has ten for their whole lifespan.

Al right, folks, I think we have a DUEL on our hands.
First off: GP and Sportsmanship are the same award, just renamed. For simplicity: GP award will cover both. And now, on to the real fun…

In one corner, FRC 93, with 15 GP awards (and a chance for more this year).
And in the other corner, FRC 599, with 15 GP awards (and a chance for more next year).

I expect that in this duel, there will be massive quantities of teams helped, and other similar GP acts. Ready… Aim… HELP!


In our three years we have earned two GP awards.

We won GP for the first time this year


Shots fired at Seven Rivers!


Our team 3136 won it twice this year we had never won it before but were honored to win it at 2/3 of the events we attended.

Trying to say this graciously… haha…My team 1108 has a streak of getting the GP for five consecutive years now. Pretty good considering as recently as 2015 we only had one competition a year.

We have a program called “no robot left behind” where we send people out on Thursday of competition to make sure everyone gets an inspection sticker. We give away parts --rushing to every announcement. And cheesecake sometimes. Great way to meet the newer teams and mentors. We help but we don’t do the work.

Also won the Einstein GP in 2012.

But ironically, usually winning the GP is a letdown because we’re hoping for one more Regional Chairman’s awards and when you get the GP, you’re pretty much assured that you won’t be getting a Chairman’s at that competition.

I’ve always figured teams target which awards they want to win.

We’ve won some engineering awards.

We’re too small and quiet to win a spirit award, too boring to win imagery…going down the list…safety awards go to those people putting up posters and giving away dustpans–not us…we never have time to program well enough to win the autonomous award…the but mostly I think our reputation is as a nice bunch of people that help out. Seems like a good thing to me.

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4561 pulled off 3 in 1 year (last year).

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I think 865 has most in Canada, with 7

Following DCMP, we are now at 8 which I also believe to be the Canadian record.

Unfortunately… it appears that this duel will have to wait for 2020. The real question: will 93 and 599 ever end up at the same event? (My apologies to any judges I just gave nightmares to.)

Ice cubed is second, with 4