GP outside of FIRST

I just read an article in the newspaper today about my school’s basketball team donating to the basketball team that beat us in the NorCal championships, so the team could cover the costs of food and lodging to stay overnight for the state championships.

Have you seen any other things like this around your schools?

One of our sponsors is Continental Airlines. The operation director of Orlando got us a hanger to practice.

Awhile back we took several from our company to see the behind scenes how the airlines works.

They are GP to the max. They compete like crazy for customers. But back in the hangers it is mechanics helping mechanics of different airlines. Loaning parts working together to make sure the airplanes are safe.

Sound familiar?

Well this may not be as major as what you guys have seen, but at my school the students have set up a tutoring program where people volunteer their time help tutor their piers. The group meets in the school library a few days a week and many students participate (on the giving and receiving ends).

This program has helped many students raise their grades up, and from what I’ve heard the student tutors even enjoy it too. :slight_smile:

Oh, and teachers donate their time for this also.

Go to a college-level engineering competition sometime. (SAE Aero Design East is in Atlanta between April 3 and 5…) There are some examples that stand out from the West competition, but they mainly involve my team. Suffice it to say that other teams know where to go for tools, electric power, and even parts. Follow the power cord from the hotel or listen for the generator. And after one of our planes crashed, we donated the engine mount, which was undamaged, to another team because they didn’t have a legal one and hadn’t had time to build a legal one. And when a plane crashes and breaks, the groans are audible all over the field.

Best I see at my school are penny drives and other fundraisers for really good causes (leukemia, breast cancer, etc.)

Lots of companies have helped me out with my various robotics projects without asking anything in return. They are truly great and show gracious professionalism in the general robotics industry.

…even though I’m such a failure… :\