GPD Win for demo robot driver station

We have a T-shirt shooting robot and some other robots from prior seasons that we use for marketing our team. Our normal driver station is a bit large for convenience when there is no surface to place the driver station. We’ve been looking for some type of portable handheld solution.

I just found this device:

Has anyone given that device a try for running the driver station software? BTW, even if it works, I get a bit nervous about that GPD Win device getting dropped or walking off. But, if it worked, it would match our needs.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for a very portable driver station? Some sort of portable display & handheld controller is wanted. It would be possible to attach a handheld controller to a small display and run cables to a small PC in a backpack.

I know some people have looked at Raspberry Pi running Linux. Ideally we would stick with Windows for simplicity.