Does anyone know if we can have some sort of GPS system in our robot? Is there a rule that says we cant?

i don’t know chica, but that might be helpful

Well, as far as I know, it would be a sensor or custom circuit and must fit the rules on those.

However, you need to consider that these events are held in sports arenas and, as such, it’d be hard to get a signal, let alone one accurate enough to navigate. (Typical civilian accuracy ranges within about 20 feet, maybe less, probably more.)

he’s right. even with four satalites in a wide open field you wouldn’t get above 12 feet. inside you’d be lucky to get 40 feet(guess). while I don’t know if you legally can, I doubt you could do enough with it to make the programming worth it.(unless you need to know what regional you’re at:D )

I played with the idea just for fun a few months ago and it wasn’t anywhere near accurate enough. (as previously stated)

That sounds to me like it includes “no GPS”. Also, the technical reasons presented above prevent it. This just prevents something like having a local GPS beacon nearby in order to get around the technical problems of using GPS indoors.

Thanks everyone!
you guys are so nice!

I think it would be neat to use GPS.

It would not be reliable on the field, but off season we might mess with it.

We were thinking of using parallaxes GPS sensor, and using it with the TTL port.

I emailed IFI, and they said it should work, just a matter of programming.