GrabCAD with Inventor 2017

Hello all,

I am looking into using GrabCAD with Inventor 2017 but can’t quite find any information on how to go about properly integrating it. It seems Solidworks has great support for GrabCAD but Inventor not so much. Can anyone share how they used GrabCAD with Inventor without losing key features?

I have always just used the desktop application for GrabCAD. Save all the files in the grabcad folders and uploaded periodically. That should be something that is universal across Solidworks, Creo, Inventor, ect. The files show up in the browser and can share them, view them, look at past versions. What are the key features you are afraid you will lose?

Well I am looking to make use of the “locking” feature for files currently open as the plugin supposedly allows. Unfortunately I haven’t found anything in regards to an Inventor plugin a la Solidworks.

If you upload, then open the project in the web app, you can lock files/folders. Its not as fluid as SolidWorks but it works.

Warning: just because I don’t know of a grabCad inventor plugin doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.