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My team has started using GrabCAD Workbench this year. We like it alot, but I have run into a new problem. Certain files within the project not set themselves to read only in their file properties. If I manually turn off read only, it is automatically reapplied. This is happening on all of the computers for the same parts. I can edit and save other files in the project. Does anyone know what is going on?

Could you elaborate on what the part actually came from? Like the Solidworks toolbox, a vendor downloaded STEP, or did you make it yourself?

We use inventor, one person uses fusion, and the parts that are locking are custom new parts in inventor.

For context, here is the error message inventor gives me for the files.


Do you have the master assembly open with the part or subassembly your trying to save?


I switched computers. Now it is only the part with the error message that doesn’t work.

Do you know if you opened the read-only version of inventor and not like inventor itself?

See there’s two.

And did you try pressing this?

Also at this point it’s probably not a Grabcad problem.

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This worked! Thanks so much! I’ve had to fix that part like 3 times because it kept resetting.

Cool. Happy frcing.

You too!

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