Gracious Professiomalism Example

I’m sure that all of us who have been doing this for a while know what this means. I just want to give an example to some of the rookies who are new to FIRST.

At the Nationals our team, #311 the RedJammers and our alliance partners (308 & 180) were up against team #190 Gompeii and the herd from WPI and their alliance partners.

This was the quarter-finals for the Einstein division championship mind you.

I was standing right along the front of the stage and immediately after we defeated the WPI team in the 3rd game of the match the on field mentor for 190 (Colleen) came over, shook my hand and offered our team their fully charged batteries and anything else they had in order to help our team and our alliance move forward toward the National Title.

THAT my friends is what gracious professionalism is all about!

Thank you 190 for a truly class act…

I’m proud to say I know you.

How about it guys, does anyone else have an example of gracious professionalism that happened to them at that Nats. Or at any of this years competitions?


Thanks a lot to team 67 and team 75, that gave us freeze spray cans.

We were in the same division, what would make us “opponents” if it wasn’t FIRST.

Really gracious professional teams!


We were more than happy to help out on your quest to the finals. The past two years we have gone head to head in competition, but in all my years in FIRST (7 and counting), there are few teams that I have personally encountered that are like the Red Jammers. You truely have a world class team that exemplifies Gracious Professionalism, from helping us out in the pits in Nationals (Tell Nick thanks for all the bandsaw help), to just being all around great group of people. I for one am honored that we have been able to share the field of battle, but also carry a relationship off the field that is one of a kind. Last year we won the battle, this year you won the battle, lets take it to the next stage next year and take on any obstacles together! Hope you can make it to Battlecry, and wish I could be there!

We were in the finals in Einstein … and the day before we ran out of freeze spray! The Technokats (who weren’t in our division) were kind enough to give us a can (which I don’t know if we ever gave back… I’ll have to see on Thursday - oops!) to use, which really helped! Also, during the Finals match on Einstein, we really needed battery chargers (we only have two for the 6 batteries we have) in case we made it to the finals. We lost the finals on Einstein, but the Technokats were willing to let us use their chargers in case we needed them! DJ Fluck did a lot of running back and forth for freeze spray and to see if we could use the chargers, lol. The willingness to help us from the Technokats was pretty sweet and a great example of gracious professionalism!

  • Katie

Just to reiterate what Deej said… we were more than happy to help… We know you guys would have done the same… and if fact you did with the resources of your pit all throughout the competition…

That’s what this is all about… sure for 2 minutes we’re opponents, but for the rest of the team we’re great friends…

T190 is proud we’ve had the chance to get to know you folks at 311… you’re a great team… So aren’t so many others in this game…

We’ll look forward to seeing you (and hopefully your team) at Battlecry in June… we’d love for a little rematch :stuck_out_tongue:

when we found out that souhegan had picked us for the Curie division playoffs, one of the parents on 166 spent a crapload of money and bought 151, souhegan, and the cheesypoofs a boatload of drinks for a little good luck charm, and i will tell you what that soda was very good luck, we finished third in our division, the best in 5 years… thanks 166, souhegan and 254!!!