Gracious professionalism and the NYC regional

To all of the teams at the NYC regional,
Team 358, the Hauppauge-Festo Titans, would like to thank everyone who participated. We were amazed by the amazingly friendly competition and cooperation from all teams. Even when teams lost they would still cheer on the team that they previously lost to. It was really cool. We would like to especially thank our alliance partners, team 237 and team 549, for their amazing teamwork during the finals. Team 237 is greatly appreciated for turning down an alliance witht the second seeded team so that we could be on their team. We love you guys and your incredibly cool bot. Thanks to team 549 for a great ball bot, human player and pre-match musical warm-ups (the tee-shirts are awesome too!). There are many other teams that also helped us to the championship: team 810, of course, our home town partners had a great bot that I think many people were genuinely afraid of! :slight_smile: You made both weekends interesting by providing awesome competition and then continuing to cheer us on. Finally, a special shout-out to the S.P.O.R.K. team for support during the whole competiton. You guys made an amazing showing and were alot of fun to hang out with too! Ankur, I hope they finally let you loose!
Thanks for the flag and we really hope to see you next year. It wouldn’t be right to end this thread without thanking our sponsors, teachers, and engineers. YOu guys have practically sold your lives away so that this team could be mande possible. Your determination and dedication is the most crusial element of this team. Thanks! There were so many people that helped us out this weekend that to thank them all would make this thread way too long. It was the most fun we have ever had. We hope to see you all at the Nationals. Good Luck to everyone.
Team 358- The Titans
Dean Kamen is the best for starting this amazing program. Thanks! (We still want a ride on the Segway though Dean!).
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a big thanks to Mr. Drexel from both teams is in order, he helped a lot during the build season and competitions (even though he wassn’t at SPBLI :D). also, a huge thanks to Mr Dennis for all the work he put in. and, where would we be without Michael and Christina? :stuck_out_tongue:

i’d like thank all the teams that put out the effort and faced us in combat–uh, i mean gave a good try in competition :D. and to the kids on 19, Lexan DOES break! :wink: