Gracious professionalism

The only thing better than pizza during a build is seeing Mark McLeod walk into your shop. Mark was our frc designated mentor during our rookie season. That was 2 years ago and even though he is the engineer for team 358, mentor to 4 rookie teams in our region and much more, he still makes time to drive out 2hours to lend help and grab a slice. Definition of GRACIOUS PROFESSIONALISM.

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I think that it is wonderful that he still does that for you. But I don’t see how it falls under the tab of gracious professionalism, To me gracious professionalism is more about having grace and being respectful when facing conflict. Where is the conflict here, am I not seeing it?

I’m not trying to be rude, and I am genuinely curious as to how this fits into gracious professionalism. Not saying that my definition is the only definition that works for gracious professionalism either. If you have a different one then I would be glad to learn about it.

Aren’t the teams that get the GP award usually teams that assist other teams in building, fixing, coding, & replacing parts for, their robots not to mention providing human players and more? It’s gracious because they are helping the people who may end up beating them in a match. Not sure I’ve heard of a team that gets into conflicts nicely as a reason for being nominated. So, there was no conflict, other than a conflict of interest in helping someone against whom you will compete at the next regional.

We hear this phrase used all the time but what does it really look like for teams. Facing conflict is a relative idea. Staying cool at a regional or worlds is a feat but what about outside of that. For example at the Half Hollow Hills invitational there were a handful of teams that hung around after the final match to watch the awards. Sometimes it is during low stakes situations where it is easy to say “It’s not a big deal and no one really expect this” that reveals integrity or gracious professionalism. The conflict is resisting the easy path.

So would one step above all that be Mark McLeod walking into your shop while carrying pizza! :smiley:

For quite a while now Mark has been a major contributor to many teams, events (and many Mentors!) He is one of those folks who quietly works behind the scenes to keep things running. One of my most favorite people in all of FIRST.