Gracious Professionalism

I’m sure that all of us who have been doing this for a while know what this means. I just want to give an example to some of the rookies who are new to FIRST.

At the Nationals our team, #311 the RedJammers and our alliance partners (308 & 180) were up against team #190 Gompeii and the herd from WPI and their alliance partners.

This was the quarter-finals for the Einstein division championship mind you.

I was standing right along the front of the stage and immediately after we defeated the WPI team in the 3rd game of the match the on field mentor for 190 (Colleen) came over, shook my hand and offered our team their fully charged batteries and anything else they had in order to help our team and our alliance move forward toward the National Title.

THAT my friends is what gracious professionalism is all about!

Thank you 190 for a truly class act…

I’m proud to say I know you.