Gracious Professionalism

I think all of the “defense or no defense” “1 champs or 2” etc. is getting old. let’s take a moment and appreciate sportsmanship and gp, which I think are actually FRC’s best component.

Like seriously, my team did pretty badly at our first comp this year, but it was still super fun and amazing which I feel like is the magic of GP.

We could spend hours debating gameplay rules but it’s honestly not productive because there is no answer to some of these things.


Man, it’s summer! Time to argue whether YMCA or the cha-cha slide is the better oops-the-field-broke song.

Joking aside, GP (and coopertition) is definitely one of my favourite parts of FIRST as well. Not many high school activities get students so accustomed to professionalism and helping others. You don’t get “other teams helping rookies finish bumpers in the pit” moments in sport. You rarely get team members cheering for teams they’re in competition with (in good faith).

It’s a part of FIRST that I feel helps students grow a lot and is very good to apply in their own lives, even long after they graduate.


Wait I have to know: whats the oops-the-field-broke song?

As a rule of thumb, any time they crank up the volume on a famously dancable song (like the two mentioned, or the Macarena, or Gangnam style for a brief moment in history), that probably means the field is having issues and the DJ is buying the field crew some time to fix it.
Also, any time the MC starts complementing mentors and volunteers and asks for applause at a random point in the event (between matches, without there being a ceremony or something), that probably either means that the field is having some smaller issues that don’t require a full song’s worth of time, or the referees are having a hard time coming to a decision about match results.

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Ohhhh thats what that was! We were in a match that computer lost the scores, and there was an extended do-the-macarena-to-cotton-eye-joe session lol

Hello world.


This is one of the things that I point to more and more about how awesome FIRST is. I feel like it’s in the same vein of the character development many people get out of being a part of Scouts BSA. Basketball might teach you some teamwork and how to follow direction. Scouts and FIRST give you a lot more to work with on how to be a human being.

Honestly, the value prop to sell to parents really isn’t that hard: “would you rather have your student participate in something known for its head trauma or something that’ll teach them about cooperation, respect, and multi-industry skill sets?” I know what I’m picking.


ok but lets be honest here for a second there was a time where we all got excited that we got that to compile and then when we changed the letters to say something else

def the best part of frc best memory for me on gp was working with code orange to get another team’s robot drivetrain up and running and having a good time doing it
and then getting help from cheezy poofs help us tidy up our electrical and getting tips from them while at it


Great thread! This is one of my favorite aspects of FIRST too.
Your team plays with and against so many teams you can’t help but root for all of them.

We have close friends (teams) from our area that we needed to play against a lot this year (more than usual), it was brutal. It was all good, we hugged it out at the end.

Our programming mentor helped out some of our alliance rookie teams with some autonomous code between matches I believe, made me proud!


Hopefully my post didn’t seem too snarky. And I didn’t want to belittle @spark_matter 's ideas. I just saw that sentence as a nice little social version of “hello world”: its a simple statement, it works right out of the gate, and its infinitely adaptable!

Just like the statement “it is what it is”. Can never deny that.

Anyway I think CD is still a good place to debate ideas and show support or opposition for how FIRST is run, in general. A lot of new ideas and adaptations to the program have been implemented in FRC as a direct result of CD discussions over the years. FIRST watches these forums and use it as a form of feedback for their decisions.

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I love the alliance system and think it really helps with spreading gracious professionalism.

In most sports there are rivalries between neighboring schools, but in FRC it’s more of a friendship. Even if you lose against a team this year you’re still friendly with them - because maybe next year you’ll be on the same side of the glass!


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