Gradle Rio and VS Code Java

How do I setup VS Code for FRC Java with Gradle-Rio?

Thanks in advance!

We’re currently working on support for VSCode for FRC, it isn’t quite ready yet. You can get started with GradleRIO on its own using the Quickstart Project (GitHub - wpilibsuite/GradleRIO: The official gradle plugin for the FIRST Robotics Competition), and open the project with VSCode, but better (and official) support is on its way.

There’s more discussion in this thread here, if you’re interested:

It currently looks like there is only support for VS Code C++ not VS Code Java?

Support from who? We have not released the wpilib plugins for either C++ or Java. If you just want to open an existing gradlerio project, then vscode with the Java Extension Pack (search the marketplace for it) will enable intellisense for a Java project. But the deploy and template capabilities are in the wpilib plugins, which are not finished or released currently.

I meant Jaci’s Doc on using IDEs:

Thanks the response, I will try that.

Ah. Those instructions are for Visual Studio, not Visual Studio Code. We don’t have any docs for setting up Visual Studio Code for either C++ or Java, but my instructions above will at least get java working.