Gradle Version Error

I am getting this error after an update to the 2020 version of the WPILib:
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/gradle/internal/logging/text/DiagnosticsVisitor

I looked it up and it appears to be caused by having versions that don’t match and my teammate has had the same problem after his update.

Has anyone has this problem after that update and/or know how to fix this?

Did you install using the offline installer and upgrade your robot project using the vscode project updater?

yes, I did

Hmm. So when you opened your old project in VS Code, you got a prompt to import your project into 2020, and you went through that process where it put it into a separate folder?

If you bypassed that prompt, and then ran the Check For WPILib Updates command in VS Code, there is a bug that could cause this to occur. You have to run through the project importer, which will create a copy of your project imported into 2020.

I didn’t get that prompt. I opened the project and used the update WPILib command. Where do I find the importer?

You open your 2019 project, and then run then Import a WPILib 2019 Gradle project command.

Is there an update for VS code as well, I thought the updater for WPIlib covered that?

The WPILib installer installs its own new 2020 copy of VS Code, with the 2020 copy of the extension. It will not install into either the 2019 copy of VS Code, or a standalone copy of VS Code.

Thanks, that worked

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