GradleRIO - Developing for RoboRIO without Eclipse

Personally I’m not a big fan of eclipse, I much prefer IntelliJ IDEA for various reasons.

In the recent few days I’ve decided to make a gradle plugin that allows for fetching of WPILib resources, setting up of workspace/project and deploying code to the RoboRIO without the need for eclipse, only a command line and any IDE you like.

Here’s the link to the project:
If you end up using it, let me know if you find any bugs :slight_smile:


Oh my god! It’s about time somebody makes it a gradle pluggin! Nice work! Im a huge fan of gradle! If my favorite ide (currently eclipse) changes between this season and next season I will actually use this.


Thanks for making the gradle plugin!

When I do “gradlew deploy” it doesn’t deploy.
I’m connected to the robot’s network, and have specified the team number and everything in the build.gradle file. It still throws a FileNotFoundException - says the file GradleRIO.jar cannot be found. I specified it as a library in Intellij, however.

Any ideas why this might be the case?


You could also use vanilla gradle without a plugin to deploy. I’ve been using this script for a while in IntelliJ.

Try running gradlew build before deploying. If you’re on UNIX (Mac/Linux) chmod the entire directory as 777

Did you create the Linux gradlew script on a windows box? The newline characters seem to break bash. You need to run “dos2unix gradlew” before anything will work.

Thanks for the awsome project, this might fix my issues with eclipse luna!

When you make a new release on github, please remember to change your build.gradle. It causes issues when you go straight to a new release.

[EDIT] I saw the commit on github where someone changed it, but for some reason this was not reflected in the latest release .zip Maybe you need to re-build it? (I am not familiar with githubs release system)