GradleRIO v3.0.0

GradleRIO Version 3.0.0 is here, and has gained many enhancements for anyone developing for FRC to use.

See the project on GitHub

GradleRIO provides a build system for FRC that can be used to build and deploy your Robot Code, as well as setting up your Development Environment for any IDE including Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA.

GradleRIO automates the downloading of the latest WPILib releases, as well as linking of any libraries and dependencies you want to use in your Robot Program to your final .jar file and your development environment.

New in 3.0.0, custom files can be deployed with your Jar if you want to link external libraries without packaging them in the Jar file. Additionally, Dependency Management has improved.

Multiple enhancements have also been made for users running the Toast API in the upcoming Toast 2.0.0 release, including module and lib deployment straight from Maven and the FileSystem.