Gradlew cannot be found - FRC - Visual Studio - Java

I am having a problem running my code. I am on team 2526 for FRC, and I am one of the learning programmers on the team. I am getting this error while running my FRC code to run some basic motors.

Executing task: gradlew build“C:\Users\Public\frc2019\jdk” <

I connected this to a router with RoboRio to run the motors. Yet it won’t build correctly.
(I have also attached a file)

Is there a gradlew.bat file in the top level folder? (e.g. where .gradle, .settings, etc) are? The template puts one there.

There doesn’t seem to be did I incorrectly install something?

It may have accidentally gotten deleted, or if you’re using git, not checked in? Create a new project and copy gradlew.bat from it (or copy your code into it).

Well actually there is a gradlew.bat in the original one, but it is at the bottom. I am getting the same error on the new project I just created also.

Can you post a picture of the full file tree open in vscode?

How would I get that in one picture? There are so many files. Hear is one thing, this file works fine on other computers so I am not sure. I uninstalled Visual Studio and all the libraries and re installed them.

You can collapse the src directory for the picture.

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