Graduating FRC Member, Alumni questions

Hello, I was curious to ask about how certain FRC community members receive alumni merchandise and etc. do you simply receive them because you graduated and they show up at your door or do you need to go online somewhere and buy such things? I’ve always thought the FRC alumni merch was cool but is there some way that you’re supposed to get these things when you graduate? If so could someone point me in the right direction for said things? Thanks!

If you indicate you are a program alumni in your VIMS (volunteering) profile, stay active, and include a mailing address, sweet blue patches may show up at your doorstep. They have shown up at mine recently.

At some Regionals I’ve seen Alumni patches being given out for graduating students. This has been piecemeal depending on the Regional.

The FIRST Alumni Strategy has been evolving, all the swag you’ve seen in the last 2-3 years is a fairly new effort - five and six years back we didn’t have any of this stuff - so I don’t know if there’s a coherent policy yet. Email the team advocate if you think it’s a good idea and they should keep expanding it.

If you’re talking about blue patches on other things (hats, backpacks) - the only thing I know FIRST gives out are patches, patch placement is personal choice.


There’s also if you want to actually buy merch from FIRST, but the margin is split between Staples and FIRST so I’d rather just donate money shrug

EDIT: J/k “just roll with it” is pretty sweet. If I needed more graphic t’s I might buy that.

EDIT2: And there’s an Alumni Beanie apparently, over in Headware

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Inversely, I’ve done all of this (and even mentor now) and I have yet to receive anything from FIRST. Everyone else I know has gotten stuff though, so it may just be on my end.

I’ve found that events out here are always giving the patches out though, and last year at worlds there was even an alumni ribbon, so those are pretty nice.

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