Graduating Seniors...

How many graduating seniors are their on your team this year? For team 668 all that will be left on our team next year are 4 students. This could be the last year for our team that went from being a nobody team, to a really big threat wherever we went. It was a pretty emotional Championship event because it was my first time there and also my last event on a team I have been on all 4 years of high school. My whole team was pretty bummed when it hit us that we were done and had nothing left. But this is something we are going to take with us for the rest of our lives and be able to pass on to future generations though mentoring and our future careers in engineering. I’d like to thank every team out there that helped make this one of the best years of FIRST and a year I’ll remember forever. I’d also like to thank every team that helped 668 in some way throughout the past years. I also want to thank every mentor out there because there is no way teams can get as far as we all did without all of the voluntary help from the mentors. I hope our team continues to improve and receive help from fellow FRC teams. As for me, I’ll be returning to mentor and try to keep the team together, because it’s worth all the effort. There is nothing in high school that can teach students more about life than being on a FIRST team.

How many teams are in the same boat we are with 90% of their team graduating? If so I’d recommend doing anything possible to keep the team together, so that students can experience the same thing you did…

yea team 65 is not loseing alot of kids this year.
only about 6.
but the easy way to keep your team going is to come back…
bring the members back as mentors
thats what most of us seniors are doing here

-william carmichael team 65 … mentor

Our team is losing about 1/2 of our members. There will be about 5 surviving memebrs next yr. They definately won’t be nearly as strong, but there are a buncha kids coming up from our Vex and FLL programs that will help keep it going. We just need more dedication and they can be an amazing team.

Last year our team had about 24 students, this year we had only 13 students with one formor student back on as a mentor. we only have 3 seniors graduating this year, and two of them will be back again next year as mentors as well, so our team is getting a bit smaller but we should be ok. just goto get out their and recruit.

We are losing a large chunck of 229, including myself.

The best way I can think of to keep your program going is fairly simple, start students younger! Massena now has an FLL team in every elementary school in our district and an FVC team in our Junior High. This almost guarentees that our team will survive as long as we have funding, mentors, and advisors.

As for myself, I am talking to a few teams that are within an hour commute of the University at Buffalo to see if they need any help next year.

648 is only losing 3-4 seniors, our huge class graduates next year.

340 has a lot of seniors, about half the team including our entire promotions / marketing team, but we have the kids from 424 graduating up to 340 next year. Aside from promotions, which 424 didn’t have in this first year for them, we’ll have enough kids moving from 424 to 340 to keep us going real well. We also have enough Lego and Vex students to keep both teams going for a while.

I hope to be mentoring somewhere, that is if I can find a team. I know RPI works with a couple teams if I go there, but I don’t know of any teams from near Longview, TX on the chance that I’ll be going to LeTourneau next year.

1070 is losing a huge chunk of our already tiny team, having 5 seniors out of 9 members. 4 members will be left: a senior, a junior, and two sophs. i go to an all-girls school where A LOT of the girls are etremely high-maintenance so its hard to get girls involved in something like the robotics team.

but since im going to the college that sponsors our team, ill be back as an alum so the team will be at least 5 members.

816 is only losing 5-6 active seniors. The rest our active members are mainly Sophmores so we are good for two more years. Maybe next year someone will listen to my ideas ^_^.

We’re losing allot of leadership on our team. I’m not sure if this is the usual, but pretty much all of our leaders were seniors. This also includes both our drivers. I don’t think it will be a problem though. Next year I’m sure there won’t be any problems meeting recruitment nessary to fill in the spots emptied. Next year they’ll have a major sponsor (whoever it may be, it’s still up in the air) and some cool new mentors.

I’m only worried about me, how am I gonna satisfy this FIRST addiction. I won’t be able to mentor a team as 4th deg at USAFA but I’m thinking about trying to get them to mentor a team in CO Springs. I hear the Coast Guard Academy mentors a team, if anyone has any info on that that would be great.

Our team [1251 TechTigers] is losing 2 seniors this year, myself being one of them, though the majority of the team at the moment is juniors. But most of the seniors from last year are currently mentors and the seniors from this year are definately staying on as mentors, so our team won’t be losing people in the literal sense.


Well there are kids that are still carrying the Robotics team…but the best are gone. We’re loosing about 10 maybe more seniors, and they’re good at what they do. I’m just dissappointed to know that they are’nt going to be here to discpline the freshmen next year, they’re insane at that…lol.

there are 15 graduating seniors on 1155, including myself. there will be only about 10 core members left on the team…

our sister team, 2265, has 8 graduating seniors, and will only have 6 girls returning for the next season.

yikes. :eek:

There are 8 graduating seniors we will be losing. 5 of them are 4 year members. It might not seem significant, but this group of eight, by far, has had a lot of positive influence on our team, and during their time on the team have worked hard to improve it. I think our accomplishments this year prove that. They are a great group of people and we will miss them next year. If everyone on our team was as dedicated and worked as hard as our seniors have, then our team would be amazing. I think that our team is going to struggle a bit at the beginning of next year without them, however, they have left behind great examples and have passed on their knowledge, so if we apply ourselves and follow their example, and get some good new members, then I think we will be okay.:slight_smile:

Team 306 is losing 9 Seniors this year, to some teams this may not seem like much, but to a team like our that has only 18 members it does.

Team 102 is losing 4 seniors.
Last year we lost about 5 and gained a little more than 10. Repeating that would be awesome for this year :slight_smile:

Losing 3 students due to graduation. 2 of the three are our captains, and I’m the other one. (Two of the other seniors in the school couldn’t continue on the team this year due to time issues. We tried to keep them.) Out of ten students, that’s a lot.

Out of an 11 person team only one is graduating. Next year will be a bigger issue, when 4 or 5 of us graduate. We’re really hoping that there will be FLL members coming up to fill the holes.

We have three seniors graduating. Unfortunately, 2 others want to quit and we only had 11 this year…

Team 1636 is losing 8 seniors out of 21 people, unfortuantely the team was only successful and good due to these 8 seniors since the team’s rookie year(except 2, 1 joined this year from moving from California and 1 joined because he finally filled the pre-requisite to join our team).1-3 of the Juniors care and worked hard on the team and 1 sophomore actually did anything for the team. But it doesn’t matter anymore, Team 1636 won’t be around next year anyway unfortunately.:frowning: