Graduation congrats

I did a search and didn’t find an '06 graduation thread. If there is one, sorry.

Congratulations on your achievements everyone!
Any stories out there in Tassel Land yet?

Thanks! No stories yet, still 8 more school days for me. Then I’m free for the summer until college starts August 25.

im getting a silver tassel and cord as well as some honor as senior award night

Congratulations to Eugenia Gabrielov (Team 461) on her graduation. :slight_smile:

Thanks Imad!!!

I graduated today and took lots of pictures…I feel different. It’s wierd…but good to be done really. :slight_smile:

I don’t graduate until June 21st! :ahh:

I only have two and a half more weeks of classes, though. And then college! I’m so excited!

same here!!

join the club buddy.

And I thought my June 10th graduation was late. :wink: (Only because we wanted a full Beach Week.)

But in terms of classes, we only have a week left. But in that week-plus, we have our prom and awards ceremony.

Congrats to everyone in the Class of '06. We may all go to different high schools, but we are all FIRSTers, and thus we are FIRST’s Class of '06.

Congrats to the FIRST class of '06! So many of you that I know I just can’t type you all out…I would be here forever!
Good luck with everything! I’m sure you all will do just fine! You all are great young people.

Yeah, I’m in the club too. I don’t graduate until June 22. However, I have a huge Lit paper due on the 5th and I can’t really think past that point. (Luckily I don’t have to take any Lit in college, thank god for my engineering major)

I have one day left of classes, then a couple of final exams, and then graduation on June 11. I know that everyone says it, but at the end, it seems like the four years just flew by. I’m really excited to start at Northeastern in September :slight_smile:

Congrats all the 2006 Graduates! Good Luck in college and hopefully you will continue with F.I.R.S.T!

School is out for the Senior Class of 2006 in Goodrich, MI home of Team 70, More Martians and Team 494, The Martians.

Congratulations to all. Congratulations to our Robotics Team Seniors: Nathan Wallace, Will Hubbard, Ryan Starski, Tom Baker and Jameson Carbury.

A VERY SPECIAL Congratulations To :wink: Nathan Wallace :wink: of Team 494 who is the recipient of the FIRST Scholarship to Kettering University. Nathan will major in Mechanical Engineering. He will be joining several other FIRST Scholarship Winners at Kettering also. Best of luck!

Big G

I just want to say congrats to the 2 seniors from our team, Brian and Eric. Hope everyone enjoyed the experience and best of luck to you all!

Congrats to everyone from HS to college!
It feels great to be a graduate two years in a row, now i need to figure out where to go to school next. wahoo

Three days before graduation I accepted 2 Scholarship, 1 principle award.
The day of Graduation I accepted a new job in the drafting field, quit a job and GRADUATED.
This year has been great both for FIRST and School for me.

Congrats to all!!

Class of 2006

Congrats to you all!

Whoever is going to be in the Clarkson or Potsdam area next year, I hope to see you!

w0ot for being done with highschool! [okay, I still have 2 weeks, but it is so close!]

Again, congratulations!!!

I want to congratulate all 13 seniors on our team… David, Pat, Ly, Hannah, Jason, Jake, Katie, Mohamad, Sam, Matt, Charlie, Cathy, and Mike. Good luck all of you next year at Purdue and Ivy Tech. Also, congrats to all other seniors on FIRST teams. Good luck with all that you do!!