Graduation Seniors 2009

Downingtown Robotics (*) bids a fond farewell to our graduating seniors: Siri, Heather, Beth, Alex, Anna, James, Ashley and Hans!!! We can’t wait for you to come back in four years to help mentor students. And the mentors can’t wait until they get to work for you in their jobs.

Congrats, you guys rock, you will rock in college, is the world ready to roll for you?!

Any other grads out there?

(Downingtown Robotics is FRC team 1640, VRC Teams 81,82,89,1640.)

I’m graduating this year, heading off to RPI to study how I can do FIRST things for the rest of my life.

I haven’t found any careers in “compete to play a strategic game with millions of interesting people”, but engineering and building robotic solutions to problems in society is looking like an awfully close second.

As for my team, if a team member was a freshman when the team was founded, they’ve graduated now. Fairly monumental for our team’s history, I guess. Many of our team members are returning to mentor where they can; our programmer is going to MSOE and mentoring new students in C, while I’ll try and be around during the strategic part of build season while helping with competition scouting and strategy. One of our team members wants to mentor via webcam; I can’t tell if he’s joking.

Rolling Thunder (FRC 1511) is celebrating with our 8 seniors on their upcoming graduation on June 27. Josh, Rika, Collin, Cuyler, Cristian, Nic, Sean, and Brenton are all multi-year members with several on the team for all four years. Their leadership, expertise and enthusiasm will be missed and is hard to replace! Nic is headed to the U.S. Marines and the rest are college bound!

We wish them all the best!

Issaquah HS Robotics graduated 15 members this year. On a team of 31 students, nearly half were seniors. Many have been together for 3 or more years, and at least two have worked together since the FLL days. Their leadership and enthusiasm will be missed !

All are college bound… many are staying in Washington state
(Univ of Washington, Western Washington Univ, Bellevue College, Digipen)

…and a few are going out-of-state
(BYU, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Harvey Mudd, Montana State)

Best of luck, IRS class of 2009 !

Congratulations to all of the seniors from 1318!!
It has been great working with you these past years…
It was great to win a regional with you this year!!
Your Yellow Tie is hanging on my wall…

You guys are really going out with a big noise!!

In your tenure… (as I recall…) ( I am sure there are more awards than these…)

Chairman’s Award Oregon 2008
Regional Championship Oregon 2009
CMP 2008 and 2009
and CMP semifinalist this year!! and 2nd seed!!

We will miss you but I am sure you have left behind a legacy in your continuing team members.


Skunkworks Robotics Team 1983!!

Coach Steele

My team has 10 seniors, and all of them will be missed…

Arnold, Benzi, John, Joe, Tristan, Jeff, Jess, Wenbo, Devin, John.

my team had a bunch of seniors, and i think we’re all going to purdue… which is about two blocks away from the high school and robotics team we just graduated from XD

Graduation is an exciting time. Congratulations to all of the seniors in FIRST who just graduated. Special congratulations to the seniors from team 1124. I enjoyed my time with you, and it’s amazing how much you’ve grown over the past four years. Good luck with the next stage of your life!