grafitti in style

My tech teacher let me do graffiti on his wall, my friend did another design. He wrote motivite and mine says endeavour: snoopy special:



That’s terrible. I don’t like graffiti whether it is allowed or not. The fact that you and your friend know how to make graffiti is also somewhat disturbing. Your teacher allowed this? Just wait until the principle comes in. I have a feeling you have much more painting to do. And how is your team role “Engineer” if you were born in 1990?

What’s wrong with a little artistic expression? Try not to stereotype graffiti as “gang art” which I’m only assuming you are. So if you aren’t then just ignore that. I’ve always thought graffiti was cool as long as it’s tasteful. I am also not implying that randomly tagging a wall is ok either. I believe that graffiti is a terrbile thing when someone just tags a random wall, but in a controlled setting it can be a cool form of artistic expression.

Here’s the problem. All it takes is one word on one new wall, and pretty soon, the whole city is covered in it, the whole city looks trashy, gangs claim their territtory, shootings happen, the residents get mad, the property values fall, the city must spend millions more on cleanup and cops, and it just turns into a really bad situation which takes decades to recover from.

This type of “art” should never be allowed or supported in a school environment.

Take a drive over by the Southern California regional location one day. You won’t be calling it “art” anymore.

i think that is pretty cool.
I think it is very artistic.
As long as you had permission to do it, it is ok.
I don’t see people starting up doing graffiti all over the city because of two *legal *paintings.
My city, Pontiac, is covered in graffiti, not even nice looking graffiti, but it is covered in it.
not because of some one did a mural of something, legally, on a wall, because they want to.
if some one is going to do it, it is because they want to, not just because some one did it in a classroom because a teacher said ti was cool for them to.
people will do it any ways.

I think it looks pretty cool. You did a good job.

But I don’t think it’s 100% appropriate…maybe it’s because I go to a “technical” and “professional” high school and thats how my mind is set but yeah.

I see nothing wrong with it really. I think that it looks cool and it adds color to that wall. And it really doesn’t matter because it sounds like they had permission to do it.

Graffiti can be a very nice form of artistic expression when it is permitted. This does not make it right for people to go around “tagging” buildings and such as they please. I think it is quite wrong to deface that which you do not own, or do not have permission to modify, but that does not mean that all graffiti is wrong. Yes, it is true that graffiti is often related to gangs but this does mean that all graffiti artists are in gangs, nor do they promote such activity. I happen to know a handful of people with interests in graffiti art and their work is very attractive and well done; they are in no way related to any gangs.

I will do my best to get some images from them to show you a bit of their work. I believe that you would like it and may change your mind about graffiti itself.

I don’t see this being a big issue. There’s a difference between having permission to paint the wall and going out and spraying a random bridge for example. Think of it this way, how is there a difference between spraying grafitti on the wall or painting a mural on it? (with permission :wink: )

The high school 237 is based out of used to have paintings that students did in art class on the walls. The paint was everything from what you could call modern art to graffiti to picture of the Statue of Liberty. Most of the walls of the school were painted when I went there as a student. After they repainted the complete school in the late 90’s most of these paintings were painted over. The school today is basically a two tune green paint scheme, not as interesting as it had been.

I like it, graffiti is art, and vandalism is vandalism, people need to be sure not to confuse the two, I enjoy the look of graffiti when it is properly showcased and I believe that in this case it is. For this particular piece, I don’t like how dark it is but it does fit in with the Snoopy colors.

Now to the distinct difference between Graffiti and Vandalism, Vandalism is destroying something with out permission of the owner, it does not matter whether your write the name of a gang on a bridge or paint the Mona Lisa on the side of a truck, with out permission both are vandalism, however with permission both are art and forms of self expression. Sanddrag for you to jump down some ones throat and insult their art work I believe is being ignorant of their purpose, I believe that you are looking at this very narrow minded. For example I hate tattoos, I have never liked them for some reason, I can however watch a show like Miami ink and appreciate the work artistically. Please try to be open minded, one thing I like about chief Delphi and first is that the people come from small towns and big cities are split between liberal and conservative, yet it doesn’t matter because every ones goal is common. Please in the future if you dislike something someone has spent time and energy on keep it to your self and don’t assume what they did was wrong. I am sure the teacher received permission from the Principal and any other necessary administrators, unless you have proof other wise I believe you should assume the same.


So if they tagged “The Last Supper” all over So Cal, that’ll be cool? Or is it the intended meaning behind it that causes the problem, and not the art itself.

the term may relate to his team jobs. i do the cad design and scince mechanical or animaror dont fufill the meaning engineer is a good title. and yes i was born on 1990 as well and i have engineer as my title.

The problem comes from the fact that you are NOT an engineer, you haven’t gone to college/graduate school, and you haven’t taken the tests to be certified. I won’t say I’m a doctor because I help out at the first aid office, now would I?

Well I think that Engineer is not just for someone that has gone though the schooling. If thats what he is concidered on his team so be it, don’t just go jumping on people for a title they use, as it is there are not to many titles to choose from.

I enjoy graffiti when it’s artistic. I love the colors an design.
I don’t like when it’s random scribbling like a two year old (and I found out those type of scribblings are usually gang markings so I like them even less). Personally I wish more buildings would be painted with art. The world could use more artisitic expression.

Personally I think that anyone working on these robots can be called an engineer. That is a fair title. However, while I do believe that the title “Engineer” can be used for students if they consider themselves to be such, this thread is about graffiti. If you’d like to argue about the use of the title, I’d suggest starting a new thread.


1: The teacher wants some color in the tech shop.
2: It says Motivate and Endeavor, if it said something else it would be “gang art”. We were trying to encourage our lazy class to work better by using something important as those two words and integrating them into something everyone knows
3: I don’t do this on the streets, this is my first time doing this so chillax
4. I don’t “tag” things and walls
5. Why is it so disturbing that I know how to do this…just cause I know how to use an airbrush doesn’t mean I’m some outlaw off the streets
6. the prinicipal actually liked what we did…she took it as art not as gang tagging

*I drew Snoopy, I’m so bad now!"

For a discussion about students using the ‘Engineer’ title, please see this thread:

Good job. Do you have a higher resolution picture?

I think graffiti is great. It’s a more… liberal, think-outside-the-box type of artwork. Why limit yourself to a 8.5x11 piece of white paper, when you can have a huge wall… with different textures and angles. Associating graffiti artists with gangs is also wrong. If gangs started using oil pants to communicate, does that make Van Gogh a gang member?

As far as graffiti causing gangs/shootings, that’s just pure FUD. Correlation does not equal causation. If graffiti wasn’t available it would just be some other medium.

Didn’t they say that about jazz, rock and roll, hip hop, rap, etc. etc?

Also, I don’t believe bringing up his user title was truly necessary. This could be discussed in a PM. Please don’t attempt to bring attention away from the discussion at hand.

I’ll take a picture of both of them tommow