Grammar/spell check funnies

I know everyone’s had a case where Grammar and or Spell check has tried to change one thing to something humourous. I just had that happen to me today:

The CerfBoard has a faster processor then the WinSystems board, but has less ram, less solid state memory, and less digital IO.
Word wanted to change less ram to fewer rams :slight_smile:

Anyone else have humourous examples?

“D.J. Fluck” every time I put his name down in my Jeopardy log. :smiley:

That, and when it wants to switch around some of my Pinyin. It’s especially hillarious when you can translate what the spellchecker wants it to say.

In older versions of MS Office (maybe 1997) If you would put “I wish Bill Clinton Would Resign” in the thesaurus it would return the result “I’ll drink to that”

This is off-topic, but a few Google searches that are funny…Take these, and then hit “I’m Feeling Lucky.”

  • miserable failure
  • french military victories
  • weapons of mass destruction

These are all a bit old, and it’s not really the same thing. I still got a kick out of these, though.

One of my friend’s names is Erika and the spell check used to try to change her name to eureka…It doesn’t sound quite as funny as it really is.

I missspelt tomorrow once, and the checker told me the correct spelling is gonorrhea - I think it might of been some sort of medical version of the spell checker - this is why I will NEVER let a computer automatically correct my spelling. can you imagine if I had sent an email to someone? “Hey when do you want to get together? how does tomorrow sound?” !!!

you want to have some real fun with artificial intelligence, try going to one of the language translation websites, and enter in song lyrics, or the gettysburg address - something familiar

and translate it into german, then from german to french, then from french back to english

and see what you get back - have klenex ready, we were laughing so hard we couldnt breath.

I did this once with a paragraph that had ‘spell checker’ in it. It came back ‘enchantment tester’.

Create Engrish that way, too :stuck_out_tongue: