So, what awards do you think were well deserved and which ones were you disappointed at who won? Also, what performances did you like/dislike?

I’m only 35 minutes into the show but personally, I thought the only noteworthy performance was that off Alicia Keys. It was fantastic.

I’m usually a fan of Maroon 5 but that whole thing with the B.E.P to open the show was just aweful, especailly toward the end when they were all singing at once. What chaos!

For the awards, I thought Maroon 5 “She will be loved” should have won over Los Lonely Boys “Heaven” in the Pop category. Of course all this is IMHO. But, we’ll see how the rest of the awards go.

well tell me how it goes. i’m doing physics hw. x.x’
but they started off w/ alicia keys??? that’s awesome. i absolutely love her

Wow, i completely missed it. I was out of it tonite, too many english note cards to do. Did Kanye win anything? He is very underated and should appeal to more people then he actually does. Btw im not a big fan of usher and i hope Kanye sweeps over him.