What grants do your teams apply for regularly and receive? Looking for grants available to my team in northern IN/ Southwestern MI

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Our team has a continued annual grant for the $5k registration from someone who helped start up the team financially.

Other grants we’ve received were from organizations and companies in surrouding areas. My mentor handled this part, so im not too clear on the process. However, there are pre-January deadlines for the grants, where we had to know what we wanted for the season, which is difficult to know as it’s pre kickoff.

An easy way to start would be searching within the team. Parents of students, workplaces of students’ parents, etc. Our team personally has not found success with this route due to conditions.
Search around the community, you never know what you’ll find.

Your lead mentor might have gotten an email from Chris Osborne on August 6. In that email was a link to the FIN team grants wobsite. There’s not much in your area right now, but if your lead mentor fills out the application, my understanding is your team will automatically be entered to future grants as they come available.

The easiest bit of fundraising we do is the krogercommunityrewards program. You can link your Kroger Plus Card to your team as a charity, and Kroger will donate a percentage of every purchase you make to your team, at no extra cost to you. Colleagues, teammates, their friends, and families can all participate. It’s an easy few-hundred-every-quarter campaign.

Good luck!

Just wanted to cross-post the link to the Intuitive Foundation grant (open now through Oct. 30): Intuitive Foundation Grant Application Now Open (2020-2021)

It’s open to teams in anywhere in the world & no prior relationship with Intuitive is required.

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