Graphic Design Services Offered

Hey teams,

I am a past mentor with both 116, 230 and 1885. Though I am an engineer for the Navy, I also have served as a graphic designer for various companies. With a bit of time on my hands, I wanted to extend an offer to any team interested in some graphics support. I would be happy to develop logo graphics for any team with guidance of what they are looking for. For any team that I help, I release all rights to the image to that group, if they elect to use it. My goal is to simply provide some elements that teams can work from and look like a professional entity, even if my designs are only used to inspire further designs from students on that team.

Let me know if you would like some help, and I will rise to the challenge.

This is awesome that you’re thinking of doing this! I even thought of doing it myself as I’ve do all of the graphic design for my team!

You did say something about inspiration in there and that got me thinking: if you have any recruitment posters that you post around school or even some posters that you put up around contests, would you mind sending them to me?

I stress the fact that most of my inspiration comes from different things around me and I think it would be amazing to derive some of that inspiration from a fellow graphic designer!

Feel free to email me over at [email protected]