Graphic Designer / Animator

There is a position for Graphic Designer / Animator at the TV station I work at.

It is a only a temp position, but will give someone with some experience break into the graphic job field.

Where is you ask? CBS 12 / FOX 64 in
East Providence Rhode Island

If anyone is interested the position is now through (I think) mid to late August. The position requires a good knowlage of Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator (a plus), and After Effects (a plus).

Please send your resume and portfolio to
Heather Shean
CBS 12 / FOX 64
25 Catamore Blvd.
E. Providence RI 02914

We hope to have this position filled within the next week because I am on vacation starting the 15th of June. and we don’t want only 1 person running the place.

the shift is 9-5:30pmut the option to work from 3-11:30pm is available (it’s my shift and I want to go to days so I can see my wife)

Any Questions you can email me at [email protected]


P.S. make sure you say you heard it from me

Well I am displeased to have to post this, but the station as far as I know will not be hiring a temp for the position I mentioned. The reason for this is because the buyout they were waiting for took control yesterday (6-6-01) and there were 5 layoffs sofar. Unfortunate for me and the department I worked for I was one that was laid-off as well as the weekend graphics person and one of my departments producers. With the 3 of us to of the ancors were already let go too.

I see this as an oppertunity to get a day job so I can see my wife more. For those of you that may or have faced this problem just remember it has nothing to do with you it’s business all they care about is the bottom dollar and how they can make it smaller.

Keep your chin up and your resumes out.