Graphing Dashboard Viewer Program

As part of the projects that I spent my time working on in between the end of the build season and the competition itself, I ended up creating a Dashboard viewer program that graphed analog values coming from the processor. Unfortunately, I never got around to adding features supporting the switches and LEDs, but that could be easily done. The program itself was written in C# and needs .net 2.0 to be installed to run.

Since I am graduating soon, I will no longer be working on this program and am offering up the source code as well to anyone who wants it.

A quick guide to working the graphing dashboard viewer:
-Start the program
-Plug the computer into the dashboard port of the Operator Interface
-Select the correct COM port from the dropdown list
-Select the values you would like to have graphed. Use the UserBytes for sending custom values.
-Goto the File menu and click start to begin graphing values
-Click on the graph itself if you would like to view a specific value
-Values are displayed on the bottom status bar of the window

Note: The Load and Save graph features do not work yet since I was too lazy to learn xml encoding.


Dashboard (12.5 KB)
Dashboard Viewer Source (857 KB)

Dashboard (12.5 KB)
Dashboard Viewer Source (857 KB)

Someone on our team made something similar to this… all it does is save the points as a CSV file.