grappling hook

What is the legality for projectiles during the final portion of the round, specifically a grappling hook to be able to get to the tower?

They’re technically legal, but if you miss and it hits the floor or it extends outside your size constraints you will be penalized.

thank you very much

wait why would you be penilized for hiting the floor?

You would only be pentalized if it hit the floor and went outside the 84 inch diameter circle that your robot can expand to in the finale. as long as your grappling hook stays inside the circle you are fine, but if your robot is short then your grappling hook may need to extend farther and go outside the circle the finale dimensions are 7 and1/2 ft tall and an 84 inch diameter circle as stated in section 8 of the rule book. Hopefully this helps you.

You could be penalized if the hook causes damage upon hitting the floor, bump or other field element.

Hey if it weights that much im more concerned at what it would to if it hit my robot.:smiley:

You would also have to avoid the ball return rails. Might be hard to do.

Which would also bring up entanglement issues.

Ya thats a good one i didnt think of that some one riping out my crio with a grappling hook not the way i want to end a mach.:yikes: :yikes:

There is also the issue that it might be considered “unsafe”…

so i don’t know if it could be legal.

The hook may also become a traction device once it hits the ground. Metal on the ground is illegal per <R08>

<R08> ROBOT wheels, tracks, and other parts intended to provide traction on the FIELD may be purchased or fabricated (“traction devices” include all parts of the ROBOT that are designed to transmit any propulsive and/or braking forces between the ROBOT and the FIELD). In no case will traction devices that damage the carpet or other playing surfaces be permitted. Traction devices shall not have surface features such as metal, sandpaper, hard plastic studs, cleats, or other attachments. Anchors (i.e. devices that are deployed/used to keep one’s ROBOT in one place and prevent if from being moved by another ROBOT) shall not use metal in contact with the carpet to “stay put.” Gaining traction by using adhesives or Velcro-like fastener material is not allowed.

What if its covered in a rubber coating?

<R05> Exterior or exposed surfaces on the ROBOT shall not present undue hazards to the team members, event staff or GAME PIECES. Reasonable efforts must be taken to remove, mitigate, or shield any sharp edges, pinch points, entanglement hazards, projectiles, extreme visual/audio emitters, etc. from the exterior of the ROBOT. All points and corners that would be commonly expected to contact a Game Piece should have a minimum radius of 0.125 inches to avoid becoming a snag/puncture hazard. All edges that would be commonly expected to contact a Game Piece should have a minimum radius of 0.030 inches. All of these potential hazards will be carefully inspected.

It would appear based on <R05> that any projectile would be illegal, however I would recommend asking Q&A to clarify.

As discussed in these other threads
there is substantial risk of exceeding your 90" maximum height if you’re aiming for a bar 84" off the ground.

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