Grappling Hook?

Is there anything in the rules that prevents a grappling hook from being used??


So long as you don’t go above the height limit, should be fine to my knowledge. I haven’t found a rule preventing it yet.

And I presume the frame perimeter extension limit.

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That too*

For your initial climb not really, unless you miss wildly then you risk violating the 16 inch extension rule. If you plan on being spider man from one rung to another you risk violating both the extension rule and the height rule on a missed shot.

So you still can’ t go higher then the heigt limit, that is counted as a extention of the robot. Or not?

The 16" extension is in the horizontal direction. The height limit is the height limit, you can’t extend beyond that, ever. So if you intend to extend something up to either of the upper two rungs, while the robot is still on the floor, no.

thank you so much. First year, much to learn

That also assumes the hook is being launched as a projectile; for Infinite Recharge, some teams used a telescoping arm on which the hook rested (not attached!) to raise the hook, then a winch would pull the robot up.

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In my mind a grappling hook implies some sort of throwing, or launching. I guess technically it is more about the design of the hook.

I guess I just had too many cartoons and comics as a young lad.

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People who are new to robotics sometimes haven’t yet developed the ability to clearly explain things. It’s an acquired skill. Those of us who’ve been doing this a long time, have to keep that in mind. We have to ask a lot of questions to get their question narrowed down to it’s essence. In this case, defining “grappling hook” is not obvious.

Don’t let that “first year” energy die out!

Read the rules 10 times before getting too caught up in “Maybe we can…” grand ideas. That way, you’re more likely to have legal grand ideas!

If a robot is greater than the legal height of 5’6’’ in the Hangar zone, and they get a climb because of it, the climb won’t count. (G106)


Another thing to think about when creating something like this is that if you have a grappling hook deployment system, chances are good that durring inspection, you will be asked to demonstrate that it is not dangerous and will not leave the alowed boundaries. This can be a stressful and slow down inspection. Whenever we talk about this kind of thing, I think about that. It is not a reason to avoid building the mechanism, but it is a piece of the discussion for us.

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