Grappling Hooks?

Is there something in the rules against shooting off a CO2 cartridge grappling hook? Because something like that would make getting to the third rung alot easier.

Check the safety and damage prevention section of the Robot Rules… such a device could be considered unsafe in the event of a misfire, especially if it happens in the pits or while “aimed” directly at a ref.

You can only touch two levels at once, and they must be in order(0,1,2,3).

Non-electrical sources of energy used by the ROBOT, (i.e., stored at the start of a MATCH), shall come only from the following sources:

compressed air stored in the pneumatic system,
a change in the altitude of the ROBOT center of gravity, and
storage achieved by deformation of ROBOT parts.

Although I do not know if it would be considered a pneumatic system.

A CO2 cartridge would be another power source besides from the battery, batteries in COTS items, the “pneumatic system” (though feel free to ask a Q&A on that definition) and deformed parts and therefore not allowed in the 2013 FRC season.

Ok, I had seen the pneumatics rules about the parts but I wasn’t sure that the cartridge would really apply to those rules but that makes since.

Don’t forget the 84" height restriction, too. The third rung is 90" up.

Well I was thinking multiple ones because of that, like you latch onto the second one and then hit the third one, it would be rather hard just to hit the third one on the ground because the target on top of the pyramid would make it hard to get a good shot.

I’m not sure of the mechanism you’re thinking of using, but always consider that maybe you could use a spring or a gas shock to “shoot” a hook of some sort.

my comrade has told me that it would be unsafe due to that you need to release the presure in the system if not used

My Team wanted to do a Harpoon Grappling Hook. Buuut :rolleyes: I’m unsure on wether or not it’d be aloud

A harpoon style hook may run afoul of R08, R09, or any rule regarding damage to the field. You may also have problems with designing a safe propulsion system.

The rules state that stored energy in the system can only come from a 12 volt battery and by extension, motors, the 120 psi pneumatic system, or deformed robot parts, i.e, springs. CO2 cartridges are not a legal source of power.