Grateful Rookie team

Team 9031 wants to say thank you to all the teams and volunteers for making our first regional in St. Louis one that we will never forget. Being an alliance captain was never on our radar as we hoped to be a 2nd pick. Thanks to 1339 and 7472 for accepting our invitation to be our alliance partners. We also want to give a special thanks to the GP award winner 1259 Paradigm Shift for your help and guidance throughout the competition. The entire competition opened the eyes of my students and our brand new teacher.

Lastly, @mrnoble we greatly appreciate the time you took to sit down with us to talk about how to build our program and give insight into how to increase the STEM education for our school.


We really enjoyed the time with your team and 7472. My drive team says it was their favorite group to work with ever, just such a positive time. From my side, it was great to see you again and to get linked in with your new team. We will stay in touch!



Our scouting captain was a fan of your team. I happened to be scouting your qualifier match 9, in which 9031 balanced in auto, scored two high cubes, and double balanced in the end game. Helping your rookie team to perform like that in just their second qualifier match ever is impressive. Congratulations to the team, and I hope they’re all excited for their next event.