Gravitational Waves Detected, Confirming Einstein’s Theory

We’ve confirmed gravitational waves! Holy crap!

Article Here.

This is a wonderful discovery and a very satisfying culmination of many years of hard work performed by smart, persistent people. My extended family is especially happy since my uncle, Larry Jones, worked on this project for two decades, since the early stages of the project. They had many setbacks during the many years of work in order to get the two LIGO sensors working properly. Our federal government also spent a large sum of money to get this project to be successful.

I have many fond memories talking about this project with my uncle, and was amazed by the physics and engineering involved, along with the faith of the people on the project, hoping that this thing will work and prove Einstein’s theory to be true.

Uncle Larry passed away in 2013, about the same time that we at AndyMark were making a new right angle gearbox. We decided to name this new product “LJ BevelBox”. The LJ of this product is named after my inspirational uncle. He’s definitely in a better place right now, grinning a wide smile.

Andy B.

I wonder how close you have to be to the colliding black holes in order to feel the gravity wave (and not be killed by it).

What would a gravity wave feel like?

I wonder how you could surf a gravity wave…

From Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy:

We had some kids working at the Hanford LIGO facilty as interns in the past. Pretty exciting news for them and everyone else that contributed.

Indeed. One of the coolest things in the experimental physics world in a long time.