Gray box limitations

What exactly are the limitations on using the $100 worth of “electrical components” from DigiKey?

Do ALL of the components need to be in the gray box?

Do ALL of the components need to be on the circuit board?

We want to measure shaft speed with a hall-effect sensor. We want to put the sensor near the shaft, but if the components must be in the box (or on the CB) then that presents a problem. One way around this is to use strong magnets on a nearby shaft, sproket or gear that can trigger the sensors in the box. But this approach requires all measured shafts to be in close proximity to the gray box.

Has anyone tested this ruling?

On another note, I consider CB fabrication and any other parts from DigiKey that are explicitly listed in the Additional Parts List as falling outside the $100 limit. Only non-listed components from DigiKey should fall under the $100 limit.

I agree with you that the $100 is stuff not on the list otherwise.

I think that FIRST has ruled that all the stuff from Digi-Key has to be in the box.

As to in the box is enough or must it be on the curcuit board, I would think that in the box is enough, but I think that this is a good question for FIRST.

Joe J.