Gray Tape Angle Question

When the gray tape branches into the ‘Y’ towards the scoring pegs, what is the angle that the two paths separate at? Thanks in advance.

I’m still in need of an answer to this question, if any of you can find me one. I can’t seem to locate anything about it in the rules…::rtm::

Please refer to Section 2: Field drawings
It does not explicitly define it, but you can derive it from the information given to you.

By using a protractor on a print-out of the full field layout on page 5 of the ‘Arena Layout and Markings’ file, I found that the angle is 65 degrees.

Actually, that may be a little off. The easiest thing to do would be to find the distance between the split and where the diagonals turn straight again. Using the drawings, I found that the diagonal distance should be about 56.2’’, so just make a straight line from the split to where the tape becomes straight at the pegs. That should be about 60 degrees.

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