Grayhill Series 63R encoder

Has anyone worked with the Grayhill Series 63R encoders and if so have you had any problems?

We used them. No problems.

We used them. They’re decent but I’m not crazy about the price.

Used them for four years, no issues.

Excellent encoder. We use them every year for drivetrain.

I have used more than 2,000 of the Grayhill encoders inside and outside of FIRST.

5 mechanical failures by improper mechanical stress.
1 electronic failure due to massive electrical discharge.
Around 3 destroyed by improper connection.

None of these are design or manufacturing problems that can be traced to GrayHill.

They are pricey, as are Bourns encoders, but they work reliably.

My experience with all makes of end of shaft encoders has been much worse. It really does not matter who makes end of shaft encoders or whether they are used inside FIRST. If it has my attention it is not working right.