Great Adventure Day

I was wondering if any teams from the NY/NJ/tri-state area would be interested in going to a 6 Flags Great Adventure day in either the Spring (after the competitions) or in Fall :slight_smile:

Team 75

actually that idea has been passed around for quite some time- I am sure 25 and 1089 would love it. It is right down the road from 1089 and many kids have season passes anyway.

they have a discount group ticket site on line you should check out–

of course the big idea is holding an off season there during the summer… but we haven’t gotten that far yet ! (AKA- this is in the idea stage only)


I’d be interested in doing it, my family will be moving to the Philly area next summer and I will be there a little before I go to college. Oh yeah, I also want to ride Kingda Ka really bad too.

w00t!! Actually, one the mentors for my team has already talked to one of the ladies who’s incharge of selling tickets… we’re planning on making this a really big event… :slight_smile: i’ll probably have more information on it after monday… so spread the word plz!!
I’m glad ppl are interested!


That sounds like a lot of fun. Once a little bit more info comes out I’ll see if my team’s interested. Thanks!

Hokay, so, we found out that the lady selling tickets would like to make this a really large event. She would gave us a stage, and reduced ticket prices etc. however we need a significant number of people and chaperones (around 300 ppl) before we book a date. We are currently looking at the dates for Fall, more specifically:
October 1, 22, or 29 of 2005.
If you want to contact someone for more information, e-mail Eric Chang at
[email protected]

This idea hasn’t fallen through just yet.
But it has changed.
I was thinking instead of a day where local teams just get together and hang out at the park we could use it as a chance to introduce new teams and other non firsters by setting up a field on one of the stages and holding a competition.

For more information you should now contact me, Alex Burman at [email protected]

any help you can give to this would be appreciated too.

Alex Burman

Yeah, I see if my team would want to do it, just give us some information when you get some.

I think it be cool if we had an off-season competition there!!


count the #433 Firebirds in! :smiley:
just give us info when u find out.
I’ve put a topic under off season competitions because that is what this is really turning into