Great Bots in Action

Does anyone know where people can see some of the more popular and more talked about bots in action. I know Wild Stang has videos on their website. What about team like beatty, chief delphi, Aztechs, bees, kingman, and other bots… If anyone has videos posted on the internet, can you please post the address so that people see some action before nationals.

By the way, the Bomb Squad has several videos of “Two-Minute Warning” at
The St. Louis videos aren’t that great, but the community day videos actually show what our robot can do.

Hey don’t forget 269!! :smiley: you can see us and beatty on several of the SOAP videos posted of MMR, and they have a bunch of other regionals too, check it out! SOAP Event Pages

I have one of the best pictures of my teams robot, the AZTECH IV in action down in Philly. If anyone wants a picture just e-mail me. I am more than welcome to share pictures.


Knew I was forgeting something. My address is [email protected]


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**Knew I was forgeting something. My address is [email protected]

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i dont think we are one of the more “talked about” robots put we do have videosMOE video

on the MMR regional, I don’t think the streaming video is working, unless it just takes a loooooong time. I’m very impatient (heh) Anyways, I tried to right click and then save, and it wouldn’t let me do that either. Any suggestions?

oh, i just found the videos for mmr…

Hey what about 357…right now we have video of our robot at our school…before we shipped it and before we modified it…but video from the regionals we attended will be up within the week…along with our animation…we are going to post all 10 of our matchs from philly and the 9 from the LSR…check us out…peace…joe

questions or comments on the website you can email me at [email protected] …thanks guys

Royal Assault

Define “popular and talked” about?

If you set your sights low enough you can see videos of an unheard of team - 639 - at our website

Videos of the canadian regional should be up soon, so you can see video of us winning the semi-finals (by pushing a great bot, 188, and it’s 2 goals from their goal zone to ours).

So quick, go check out 639 - everyone else is doing it :slight_smile:


sorry bout that, lemme refrain that. How about videos of robots in action. I was just curious to see the teams that are talked about, but any video is interesting to see. I just thought it would be a chance for people to show off their robot while it was in action, instead of still pictures. Any robot videos are welcome :slight_smile:

Our robot is awesome and we have some videos on our webpage

we have videos of 121’s bot in action. the robot in the video was the last prototype before the final rebuild. click here to see our bot do its thing.

That was a great match during the semifinals when we (188) were against 639 but just to set the record straight, we got pushed because one of our Fisher price motors blew (broke from wear and tear) during the match which resulted in a signifcant loss in power for us. I am happy to say that the defective motor has been replaced for the Championships! :smiley:


Hey, if you want to see a good ball ‘vacuum’ check out our bot, MARGE, from team 930. Sorry i dont have video now, but it should be up soon, if you can find it elsewhere our later matches at MMR were done quite well. 19 ball pick up in 13 seconds i believe in match 100. Anyhow, check us out!

Now that UTC is done and we worked all the bugs Err Parasites out Buster will be loading balls like a mad. See you in Fla.

Several of the regional elimination matches are on Now if some one would just send me the @#$%! tapes I would have more of them. Oh well — just remember NASA will attempt to webcast all four fields from the Nationals - this is in ADDITION to the NASA TV coverage on Friday and Saturday.

Well, they are not up right now on our web site, but anyone that went to GLR and the CR knows team 5’s robot had one of coolest ball mechanism. Soon, hopefully, i will have some video/pics of our robot in action and our team messing around!! :stuck_out_tongue:

We have our pictures up on our web site if anyone wants to take a look.