Great job opportunity!!!

Do you enjoy working with talented, motivated high school students? Clear Creek ISD, the home of the Robonauts of FRC and multiple VEX teams, is looking for a robotics instructor for their new Center for Robotics Education. This program will service six district high schools and features:

  • Application based admission
  • Two hour block scheduling
  • A fully stocked machine shop, including CNC and manual mills and lathes
  • A two year curriculum

This program features both hands-on projects and classroom instruction. During the second year, students will earn multiple Fanuc certifications on the way to building a year-long senior project. These projects will range from quadcopters to arms and telepresence systems.

For more information PM me.

here is a bit more on the job

The curriculum look like this

Shop Safety and Tools (8 Weeks)		Topic	Timeline
	Unit 1	Shop Safety, robotics videos, Robotics Intro (Robotics careers, NASA engineer guest), Engineering Notebook setup	1.5 Weeks
	Unit 2	Shop Tools, wood then metal, do mini project like mailbox, then mousetrap car	2.5 Weeks
	Unit 3	Simple machines (wheel axel, lever, pulley, sprocket, chain), Gears, materials?	1 Week
		Project - Rube Goldberg using unit 1-4 skills	3 Weeks

2nd 9-Weeks Drive Systems (6 Weeks) Unit 4 Drivetrains and Transmissions 1.5 Weeks
do vex mini project with drivetrains
Use shop skills to build base for robot. 2 Weeks
Unit 5 Basics of Soldering, attach leads to motors 1 Weeks
Robot Control (wiring, power distribution, motors/controllers), wire robot 2 Weeks

3rd 9-Weeks Controls/Software (9 Weeks) Unit 6 Programming, Sensors 3 Weeks
POE Bot for programming lessons
Unit 7 Pneumatics, add pneumatics to robot transmission 2 Weeks
Unit 8 Welding 3 Weeks

4th 9-Weeks End Effector and Final Product (10 Weeks) Unit 9 Advanced motion (lifts, arms, etc) 2 Weeks
Unit 10 Final assembly of robot, present 6 Weeks
Community demonstration/presentation, wrap-up 2 Weeks